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I've Always Been The Tower

Inara Serra

Inara Serra
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Born in the late 25th century on Sihnon, Inara is a Companion, a high-society courtesan licensed by the Union of Allied Planets. In Alliance society, Companions are part of the social elite, often accompanying the wealthy and powerful. They have considerable ritual and ceremony surrounding their services, which extend beyond sex to nurturing psychological and emotional well-being. Companion training includes social and physical grace, at least some performing arts, and psychology. Companions choose their own customers, and can have ungracious customers banned from any Companionship. Inara has a number of frequent clients throughout the Allied worlds, and takes both male and female clients, although most of her clients are male.

Inara, a Buddhist, was a rising member of Companion House Madrassa when she suddenly and inexplicably left to travel the outer rim. She has suggested that she "wanted to see the universe", although she has other reasons that are hers alone. For a time she leased one of the Serenity's shuttles for transportation, living space, and workspace, providing her with some mobility. On Serenity, Inara forged friendships (most notably with Kaylee Frye, the ships mechanic) and developed feelings for Malcolm Reynolds. It was these feelings that drove her back to the guild house where she currently resides.

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[character name]: Inara Serra
[series]: Firefly
[player eljay]: bashipforever
[messenger]: rageiscute
[e-mail]: writer@allengames.com
[4th walling?]: Sure. Just ask first?

[Apartment:] Building 10; Apt 4
[Room mate:] Lorne deformitwhats

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